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Channel Surfer

Re: Roku Ultra Audio Drop on YouTube

Roku Ultra information in original post. Seriously, you are not reading posts.

I cannot record video "in the moment" because it's a streaming issue. The audio drops occur in different places on subsequent replays. And if the YouTube channel is live broadcast, missed it. Will be elsewhere everytime I stream that video. Audio drops isolated to YouTube channel. Major news network on YouTube and other channels like Amazon Prime Video and Roku channel do not show problem.

I always have latest firmware/software on Roku with auto update. Today, YouTube version today is web_20230213_10_RC00. But this audio drop has been going on at least 5 years including previous Roku Streaming stick. It is clearly a Roku issue and not associated with YouTube Channel versions.

It is more likely to occur during a video recorded when two people are on channel at different locations discussing topic, especially if using ZOOM.

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Channel Surfer

Re: Roku Ultra Audio Drop on YouTube

I have endured the loss of audio between Roku Ultra and YouTube tv for months. The Roku staff must still be clueless. This morning I ordered the TiVo unit. I will replace my Roku Ultra and hope the TiVo is a better product. 
So long Roku. 

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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku Ultra Audio Drop on YouTube

Hi, thought I'd let you know what I've tried and we've actually went 3 days without a single drop of audio.  I have a sound bar and HDMI Arc or Optical would still have the issue and the only way to resolve was to restart the Roku.  I, for different reason was looking to start my Roku up on YouTube TV and was under the Power Settings and saw "After 20 minutes of no interaction" checked.  I'm in IT and sleep/stand by can cause issues so I disabled (Unchecked it) and W00T, no issues since!!!!!!  Working great with HDMI ARC and have not restarted the Roku for 3 days.  Use to happen 1-7 times a day and now nothing.  Let me know if it helps you out.


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