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Replaced Roku Premier with Express 4K+ but Picture degraded!

My old Roku Premier overheated and I decided to replace it with a Express 4K+ model.

My TV is a 6 year old VIzio PQ65 ( 2K model).

It installed OK. But the picture in my Paramount+ and Amazon Prime apps is washed out, grayish, and a worse resolution that my old setup.

I called ROKU and the had me reinstall/reboot Roku and reboot my modem, but it didn't help. They bumped it upstairs and said someone would get back to me with more suggestions...but no-one has after 48 hours.

I, trying to fix it myself, in the Roku settings menu, changed the Display Type from the recommended default setting to TV 4K, and the grayish washed out appearance improved, but the sharpness of the picture is still not what my old system provided.

When in my apps, the menu and the backgrounds of the apps themselves are brilliant. But when I start a movie or series, that is when the picture degrades and dims, etc.


Any suggestions as to what is going on? There must be a solution to this problem.


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Community Moderator

Re: Replaced Roku Premier with Express 4K+ but Picture degraded!

Hi @Allessio77,

Thank you for posting here in the Roku Community!

We want to further investigate this issue that you're having with the Roku Express 4K+. Can you please provide the following information below?

  • Is this happening on all contents and channels, or is it isolated? (Specify)
  • Could you please provide us with a photo or video clip of your running problem?
  • Have you tried to connect this Roku device through a different TV and see if that will fix the issue?

With detailed information, we will be able to assist you further.


Roku Community Moderator
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Re: Replaced Roku Premier with Express 4K+ but Picture degraded!

I ended up asking 'CoPilot' for a solution and it recommended 9 things to try, of which I had tried most of it's suggestions. But one...change your HDMI port...I had not tried. So I did and it worked.

I was using the same port as my old ROKU Premier device. I moved the cable to the adjoining port and the picture cleared up.

The picture is almost as good, but I still think that my old device delivered a better, clearer picture...but it is hard to see without a direct screen to screen viewing.

So, I am happy, but still wondering if using this Express 4k+ device in my older 2K TV has caused a slight diminution of my picture.

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