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Reel Rookie

Plex show video while Fast Forward and Rewind?

With my Roku Ultra, I've seen with Plex and other Apps if I press Fast Forward or Rewind on the remote I can't preview video as I move through it to a new position. Is there a way to enable viewing while in fast forward / rewind so I can see where I am in the video?

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Re: Plex show video while Fast Forward and Rewind?


Checking my Plex just now, I don't think it does that. Others may weigh in on it, but I don't think it does, at least not from a Windows install of Plex server. I don't see any app settings for this. I suspect if there were, they would be a server setting. I'm away from my server at the moment, and can't verify the server settings. But, I think you're looking for something that just isn't.

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Re: Plex show video while Fast Forward and Rewind?

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