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Playback of recorded content on Fubo reverts to recording list

Trying to watch certain recorded content on Fubo repeatedly reverts to the list of recordings.  What happens:  Go to the list of recording, choose a recorded program, and start watching it.  At some point playback will stop and the screen reverts to showing the list of recorded content with the item that was being watched selected.  Press the OK button on the Roku remote and playback continues briefly, then usually does the same thing again.  Sometimes this can be worked around by quickly fast-forwarding for a couple of seconds.  Note that this happens frequently on one Roku 3900x Roku Express device, happens very infrequently on another 3900x Roku Express device, which is why I'm raising this tech support issue on this Roku forum.  Talked to Fubo tech support, they talked me through a key press combination to flush the Roku cache, made no difference.

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Re: Playback of recorded content on Fubo reverts to recording list

Did they have you remove then reinstall the Fubu app?

  1. Remove app
  2. Flush cache as before (IMPORTANT - DO NOT SKIP)
  3. Reinstall app
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Re: Playback of recorded content on Fubo reverts to recording list

Hello! @UtahRanchGuy,

Thank you for sharing your post in the Roku Community!

We understand that you're facing difficulties with Fubo recorded content. We're here to help.

We recommend performing the below steps and see if you can resolve the issue:
1. Remove the channel from the Roku device
2. Power cycle the Roku device, by disconnecting it from the power cable and reconnecting the device back to the power
3. Re-add the channel back to the Roku device

If you are still experiencing an issue, please provide us with the following information so that we can investigate further.

  • Roku device model, serial number, device ID, and software OS/version (these can all be found in Settings > System > About)
  • Does this issue occur on a specific channel? if so, what channel and what version/build is the channel (this can be found by selecting the channel on the Home screen and pressing the * button)
  • Tracker ID when this issue occurs (when you see this issue occur, press the Home button 5 times, followed by the Back button 5 times, and provide us with this ID)
  • How long it will take to revert back to the recording list?

Once we have this information, we will be able to pass it along to the appropriate Roku team to investigate further.
We look forward to working with you to help resolve this issue.


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Re: Playback of recorded content on Fubo reverts to recording list

I am having this same issue, but I cannot remove the fubo channel because it’s billed through Roku…

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Re: Playback of recorded content on Fubo reverts to recording list

@Lanhing, try using the mobile app to remove it.  Search for it when you're logged in and you should be given the option to launch it or remove it.  Keep in mind that if you remove an app it doesn't cancel any subscription and make sure to perform a "System restart" on your Roku device from Settings->System or Settings->System->Power before you add it again.  Hopefully it will fix your problem, but there's no guarantees.

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