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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Max App pause and playback issue

@mebmike wrote:

Tried watching Max on my computer browser and my iPad with Max app both played fine with no issues,  started having problems with the app on my Roku unit yesterday October 5th 2023. Would appreciate any help or reason for this problem.

It makes no difference if the app works properly on a different device. While the app may look and operate in an identical manner, they are completely different software apps written in different programming languages. So unfortunately the fact it works on an iOS device or a PC has no bearing on the problem on the Roku platform. 


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Re: Max App pause and playback issue

I'm sorry you're having this issue @mebmike.

Roku just had a major OS update from 12 to 12.5, and Max just added their B-R Sports Hub along with their News live beta hub. The streaming sports service will go live with a sneak peek tomorrow, and then the live streaming part of the service will go behind a paywall at a later date, so with all these changes, there are bound to be issues on some Rokus.

It sounds like you tried everything, so you'll just have to wait for a Max update to fix your problem. If it's not fixed by the next day, you should again do what you've done every day you have this issue after manually updating Max since an update might have happened, but your Roku's cache didn't clear (which is why you're told to do all the things you've done), but this won't work until Max fixes the issue on their end. When you repeat these steps, I don't think you have to go so far as to reboot your WiFi router and reinstall a network pathway since your other devices are working fine on your network.

What appears to have happened to all of us was that there was a faulty update that only went on Rokus that happened to receive that update during that time, while other Rokus updated later when Max corrected this, and so they didn't get these issues. However, the Roku's that received the faulty update were still having problems regardless of the newer updates until Max finally resolved this with us. This newer issue may have recently happened to you in which your Roku unfortunately received a faulty update with Max, and you just have to be patient and use redundant streamers such as your IPad and computer browser until this is fixed. I wouldn't suggest purchasing a different type of non-Roku streaming device due to this issue because it appears that the prior faulty update had corrupted various other non-Roku devices as well until Max resolved that. Once everything settles, Max will resolve this, and hopefully, no more faulty updates will occur with Max on various streaming devices. 

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