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How to fix 'insufficient power' or 'low power' warning

I am having the same issue.  Everything has been working. Roku is plugged into a wall outlet and there’s only one usb port on the tv. 

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Re: How to fix 'insufficient power' or 'low power' warning

Hi @Finkelmom

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If you are getting a low power or insufficient power warning on your Roku device, there are a few things you can do to fix the problem:

  • Check the Power Source: Make sure your Roku device is plugged into a power source that provides enough power for it to function properly. If you are using a USB port on your TV to power your Roku device, try using a wall outlet instead.
  • Use the Proper Power Adapter: Make sure you are using the power adapter that came with your Roku device. Using a different adapter may not provide enough power for the device to function properly.
  • Check the Power Cable: Ensure that the power cable is not damaged and is plugged in properly.
  • Restart the Roku device: Try restarting your Roku device. Make sure to do the restart from the Settings menu by navigating to Settings > System > Power (If you do not see a Power submenu, skip to the next step.) > System restart.  
  • Reset the Roku Device: If the above steps do not work, try resetting your Roku device to its default settings. This will erase all of your settings and data, so be sure to back up any important information before resetting.

We hope it helps!

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