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Getting Roku Ultra to Function Using an HDMI Switch

I am trying to set up a "two in - one out" mechanical HDMI switch, letting me choose between audio/video from a Roku Ultra, or a Playstation 4.  The HDMI switch is manufactured by GANA and has lots of five star reviews.

I have all the latest and greatest HDMI cables.

When I configure the Roku as the single input to the switch, and the switch to output to the Visio Smart TV, everything works fine.  When I do the same solo configuration with the Playstation, it works fine too.

When I connect both PS4 and Roku Ultra to the switch, I can turn on the Roku and the signal is sent to the TV.  I can then switch over to PS4, turn it on, and PS4 audio/video appears on the TV.

The problem occurs when I want to return to the Roku.  Once I press the button on the switch to revert to the Roku input, I get a "No Signal Detected" on the TV.  If I shut down the Playstation, the No signal detected message remains.  If I DISCONNECT the PS4 from the switch altogether (essentially duplicating the "solo" configuration I tested at the beginning), the error message remains.  Only by completely removing the switch from the Roku and routing Roku audio/video to the TV through a dedicated HDMI cable do I regain functions.

There seem to be some "smart" things going on here this dummy doesn't get.

I really want a reliable way to switch between these two sources, as the devices are in a built-in, and manually switching the TV input HDMI is a real pain.  Anyone have an idea what is going on, and how it might be fixed?





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Re: Getting Roku Ultra to Function Using an HDMI Switch

Does it never switch back and forth reliably?  In other words, if you switch to the PS4 and then immediately back to the Roku does it work?  If it only happens after being switched to the PS4 for an extended period, it may be the "power saving" feature of the Ultra (there are a few different models designated "Ultra" and I don't know if they all have that feature).  If it is power saving, pressing a button on the Roku remote like Home a couple of times should wake it.  You can also disable it (if it's there) under Settings->System->Power.

I've used my Ultra 4800 through a cheap HDMI switch without any problem.

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