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Freshly formatted MicroSD card says 100% full-solved

Today I noticed that the installed 4GB microSD card was not recognized by my Roku Ultra.  I removed it, formatted it on the computer and re-installed it.  Then I formatted on the Roku.  When I checked the status, it said 100% used!  How is that possible?  I did not add any apps after I formatted it.  In fact, I removed several apps that I don't use.  I removed it and put it in the PC and it shows it's empty.  Put it back in the Roku, formatted it again and noticed that after it finished, a quick message about refreshing channels (I don't remember the exact wording) and again it shows 100% full.  Even if it did automatically put some channels on the card, I can't believe it could fill 4GB in the 3 or 4 seconds that message was on the screen.

Any ideas as to why a freshly formatted SD card would show 100% full?


Update:  apparently the SD card had become write protected, even though it allowed both the PC and the Roku to format it.  I tried all the remedies Google suggested and nothing worked.  I put in a 8GB SD card and it shows only 6% full.

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