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Dolby Vison not being produce Roku Ultra

Hi All,

I just bought a Sony X90J and and i have the Roku Ultra conmnected to HDMI 3 which supports 120z and Dolby Vision, which i did set up the NDMI for.  But the Roku is only showing, through Auto Detect, upto 4K HDR @ 60fps.  Netflix does use Dolby Vison, but only shows HDR when through the Roku.  I alos tried in HDMI 4, where my console is located, and it registers the same.  to add, I am using Ultra HDMI High Speed HDMI's.

I appreciate the assitance given.

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Roku Guru

Re: Dolby Vison not being produce Roku Ultra

1) Make sure your Ultra is model 4800 - none of the others has DV support:  Settings/System/About

2) Make sure your TV's signal format for HDMI3/4 is set to "Enhanced"

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