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Clear the menu while video is paused

On pretty much every app on the Roku, from Youtube to Netflix and Amazon when you're watching a video and you press pause, the image from the video is darkened and images are overlaid on the bottom of the still as well as on the top.


Often when people are pausing it's so they can see something specific on the screen and throwing up all these images and text gets in the way. It's maddening. 


Can Roku please create a way to clear those images and text and brighten the image during a pause? It baffles me that someone thought it was a good idea to put all that stuff on the screen.

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Re: Clear the menu while video is paused


Each Channel/app is developed differently. (Roku basically hosts the channels/app, but does not develop them).

I have found though, that in most Channels/app, after you pause, there is normally a remote button you can press to clear the screen.  In some cases, it is the Back button, in others it may be one of the Arrow keys.

Some developers assume that when you Pause, it is because you want to get into the Settings, look at program info, or access some feature that is in those text/box overlays. (closed caption, audio, etc).

I understand what you are saying, just realize that it may be different in each channel/app.  Some you can clear, some you cannot.

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Re: Clear the menu while video is paused

Agree wholeheartedly! Absolutely annoying!!!! Pausing to read text on screen and it goes dim. What are you people thinking?????


Re: Clear the menu while video is paused

I have an LG Smart TV and after pausing I just need to click up arrow button twice and it restores brightness and removes all banners. 


Re: Clear the menu while video is paused

For Netflix, pause the show, then with the "play" symbol selected, press the back arrow on the remote, not the left button on the D pad.


Re: Clear the menu while video is paused

Thank you so much for this!

I'm actually a Netflix user on XB1X (probably will never own a Roku), but I was getting so frustrated with the overlay while trying to catch all the neat little details on Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio.

While the larger point of developers not considering or concerning themselves with the needs of end users stands and is a major detracting point against streaming services in general, in this specific app, the physical back button works like a charm.