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Audio issue after latest update

So it seems that my streaming stick was updated on 02/28 and since then, I have noticed that I keep losing audio intermittently.

My set-up is very simple

Roku Streaming Stick connected to Yahama RX-V385 A/V Receiver, which is connected to my LG TV using HDMI ARC. There are no other devices connected, I have a small PC but it stays powered-down almost all the time.

The issue is, as I am watching content, there's no audio for a small amount of time ( say less than 1/2 second) and this causes my Yahama to switch the input to either AV1 or Audio1 or TV:Broadcast, and it can take upto 2 minutes, before the audio is switched back to HDMI-1

Since the receiver isn't connected to the internet, and cannot get updates, I have reset the same, and experience the same issue. 

W/R/T my television, it's a signage TV, so there truly isn't auto-update or even WI-FI connectivity. I did reset it too just in case. 

To be more specific, I removed the batteries from remotes of all 3 devices,after playing some content on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video and experience the same issue.

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Re: Audio issue after latest update


Thanks for the post. 

If you connect the Roku device directly to your TV and not through the AVR, do you still see the same issue occur?

Please keep us posted and we will be able to assist you further.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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