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Audio files cut off first second?

I guess this was never fixed since I am still getting the 2 sec delay with Amazon Unlimited and Tidal.  Spotify does not have the issue and the music starts immediately.  Anybody ever figure this out?




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Reel Rookie

Re: Audio files cut off first second?

Nope.  I literally sent them dozens of troubleshooting files. They even had a tech come out and replace the set's main board.  Every time they came up with another "idea" to fix it (i.e. setting changes, etc.), they would ask me to do a factory reset.  It takes a lot of time to get your set reconfigured and channels reloaded, etc.  I finally realized that they were simply guessing.  I have 6 TCL sets.  My other TCL models didn't have this problem, so it's clearly a problem with this particular model's OS. 

I'm an old IT guy and I understand application testing quite well.  To properly test and fix the issue they'd likely need a copy of my Yamaha amp in their test bed.  I even made that suggestion.  Good luck in getting them to commit to something like that. 

It's a shame.  Other than this problem, I like the TV, and clearly, I've been a "TCL fan".  But at the end of the day, what I concluded is that I've purchased my last TCL set.

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