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Reel Rookie

Wyze Camera stripped of the features with a Roku label?

so I purchased a Roku Wi-Fi camera with the interest of what it was capable of, and why they would want to buy a bunch of older model Wyze cameras from the Wyze company. I mean initially it made sense that they wanted to expand their company into an area that they had yet to explore, and with Wyze laying the groundwork and making cameras affordable with the benefit of offering free recorded footage and the ability to watch it on your phone. I figured it was a no-brainer that Roku would keep those same features on their cameras, but when I brought it home and put in an SD card, I quickly found out that you have to take the SD card out after footage has been recorded to it, and watch it on a  computer. I swear to God, I thought it was an April fools joke I thought to myself there's no way this is real that this is happening. I get needing to make money and being a company and trying to grow but what. Why in the world would you do that.  I mean it makes no difference to me, but the irritation lies so deep within my soul that I must post about it and talk about it because somebody must come up with a rational explanation so that I don't have to feel crazy. And I feel even more crazy saying that because I know there's no explanation.  why take something so good like the Wyze camera and it features and strip some of the most important ones you can make money in 100 different other ways but you go and do that dumb stuff. I don't understand you at all. Just had to put my thought out there and maybe I look ignorant to somebody but you gotta be kidding me for real. You have to take the SD card out to view the footage on computer you realize you can just do it from your phone with the Wyze one like there's so many awesome features with the Wyze camera why would anyone by the Roku one  that's what I don't understand. I feel bad for the people that bought the Roku cameras and then realized that there's the exact same one through Wyze but it's newer better more updated better features way cheaper it's crazy . Check out wyze and compare to what makes you happy . Hope roku gets their heads out of the clouds . If you need help email me I would gladly help in areas like this to get things working to benefit both sides of the line. Great product that sells and continues to do that and customers happily purchasing a product that meets their needs and then some. All while still offering features inside the camera app for purchase that some people want to have and some might not, but dont force it on them and make them feel ripped off after they buy the product. 

  Good day. Respect and by no means was I trying to bad mouth anyone Please take what I said as constructive criticism and no hard feelings. 


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