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How to undownload an app update?

I made the mistake of updating the Smart Home App before reading about it and now I can't access any of my devices because of 2 factor authentication popping up everytime I open the app with no exit button.

Where I live I have no cell service, only wifi and a landline so I literally have no way to use the 2 factor authentication anyways. 

I also don't want Roku to have my phone number, I feel by making it mandatory that it's violating my privacy rights.

This is also dangerous, there's people using the app for home security. If someone just updated the app and doesn't know about this 2 step pop up, they could get a notification of motion but not be able to view the cameras because of the pop up which could result in robbery, injury, or even death. 

Does anyone know how to revert back to the previous update? 

What is Roku Smart Home doing to resolve this issue? If it's mandatory and is going to remain that way, then Roku needs to offer refunds of all devices to people like me who don't have cell service where they live or anyone who doesn't want Roku to have their personal phone number. 


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Re: How to undownload an app update?

Agree with you don't want to give them my number either.  But doubt Roku will let you roll back the app.  Roku will harvest as many phone numbers as they can.  Then maybe if there's enough complaints we might get an option to verify by email.  For now we're just out of luck.


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Re: How to undownload an app update?

I bought my ROKU television at Sam's Club, because it had what I needed and did what I wanted it to do from playing nintendo video games to watching movies from my media players, plus I can watch all my subscriptions from NETFLIX, USB media input, YouTube and HULU. I could have bought any brand of TV at Sam's Club. I just figured ROKU was convenient so I wouldn't have to plug in my HDMI ROKU anymore. 

My TV is now not the same TV I payed money for. I want what I payed for. My next TV is going to be a regular TV that never needs updates or internet access to operate.

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2 Step verification doorbell camera security

This doorbell camera if a piece of junk only 1 person can see it, whoever has their phone number on the account can see the doorbell camera you should be able to have multiple phone #on the list or permission to access just bought it the other day and was having trouble with it called customer service it was a waste of time just kept saying sorry sorry sorry can't help you with that stay away from the security system they have no idea what they are doing it is going back to Walmart I talked with them and told them what happened and told them they should steer people away from this product

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Please ask first!!! Another Roku fail.

Apparently the app sometimes will require me to log in after an update. I entered my password and BAM it automatically sends a confirmation code to my wife’s phone at 1am and wakes her up!!! 

Here’s a brilliant idea… instead of automatically sending the verification code, why don’t you ask permission first? I would have certainly waited instead of waking her up, or chose an alternate method like my email. 

Think, Roku. Think. 

Allow Smart Home Cameras app on Roku TV to have ability to turn cameras on/off without mobile app

My phone doesn't have active cell service and I only use it through wifi.  So a mobile number for confirmation is pointless.  I can do the  e-mail portion to get the code, but can't proceed without a valid mobile number.  Some of us don't own a mobile phone, but have a tablet and Roku TV.  Back up options are a necessity.  I have not been able to get past the verification screen in the app since the recent security issues arisen as of lately..  Direct connection and control of cameras through Smart Home Cameras is needed.  Just combine Smart Home Cameras and the mobile app as one.  I only have cable TV and internet.  New feature updates are needed to reflect these issues and remedy them.  Also, is it possible to install app on Apple or Android tablet?  

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