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Roku express 4k - have to deactivate every power on?

I just purchased a roku express 4k, and it’s connected to an outlet that’s turned off when I turn the tv off.


every single time I want to use it, it asks for my wifi info, and goes through the activation process all over again. Further, it forces me to use the email activation process rather than just letting me enter my username and password.


So whenever I turn everything on I have to wait 15 minutes or longer to receive an email for a device which I’ve already activated multiple times before. It asks me to name the device, indicate it’s location, and then go through channel setup and special offers, etc, etc, etc.

Is this normal for roku devices? I need a streaming device that has a memory and won’t forget when power is lost.

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Re: Roku express 4k - have to deactivate every power on?

That shouldn't happen, but it's recommended to keep it powered on all the time.  If it's easy to exchange it you might want to try that.  I guess you could argue that it's faulty because it shouldn't lose its setup information from a power failure, but as I said, it's best to just keep it powered on all the time.

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