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Roku as Default Homescreen on Non-Roku Smart Tv

Hello. I do apologize if this has been discussed before. I conducted a search but did not find anything. I have a Roku soundbar and have used it with both a LG and Samsung smart tv. However, when I turn on the tv, the Roku home screen will be displayed as well as the LG or Samsung home screen, like in an overlap fashion. Is there a way to have only Roku home screen displayed. Thanks1

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Re: Roku as Default Homescreen on Non-Roku Smart Tv


That's the TV itself doing that. Unless the TV has a way to stop that in the settings, you just have to wait for it to go away.

I've used a Samsung with a Roku device, and the overlay will disappear after several seconds. I assume LG will do the same.

In my case, it wasn't my TV, and I didn't research if it was possible to disable that overlay. I'm not finding anything online about it. Perhaps others have a similar setup and can offer suggestions beyond "wait several seconds for it to go away."

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