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Roku Streaming Sticks Question

Already have a Roku tv (although it is several years old and doesn't have all the channels I'd like, such as Apple TV). Looking to get a streaming stick. Was looking at a basic 2021 stick, but also noticed the 2020 version of the streaming stick+. Is it worth it to get the "higher quality" streaming stick+ even if it's a year older or go with the less features (?) but newer? Any advice or thoughts?

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Re: Roku Streaming Sticks Question

Roku and retailers just confuse things when they refer to Roku models by year instead of model numbers.   When a Roku model is sold for several years without it being updated, you can find the exact same Roku with different years indicated.

There were no Streaming Stick models released in 2020.  Most recent releases prior to this were:

Released in October 2017:
Roku Streaming Stick (3800) - HD receiver, 512 MB memory, 256 MB channel storage
Roku Streaming Stick+ (3810) - 4K receiver, 1 GB memory,  512 MG channel storage
.. so I'd guess something identified as 2020 is likely one of these models from 2017

Released in October 2021 and still current in the product line (both 4K):
Roku Streaming Stick 4K (3820) - 4K, 1 GB memory, 4 GB channel storage, includes Voice Remote
Roku Streaming Stick 4K+ (3821) - identical Roku, but with Voice Remote Pro

I'd say go with either of the two current models.  Even if you won't be using with a 4K tv for now, they will work fine with an HD set, plus you'll be ready if you get a 4K set in the future.  The Voice Remote Pro adds an earphone jack for private listening, a built-in rechargeable battery, and a find-my-remote feature you can access via the Roku phone app.

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