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Roku app remote function/ device connectivity

Might anyone know why it would be that when I pull up my Roku app (usually when I can't find the remote), no matter which network I am attached to, my streambar is right there at the top ready to be connected, yet my streaming sticks throughout the rest of the house say that they are not available because they are not on my network? 

Mind you if I go and manually turn on the TV, they will show up and let me attach to them, but the moment that I go upstairs and my phone switches networks to a different one, the streaming sticks are immediately gone, yet the streambar stays either attached or ready to be, even if I change networks 4 times. 

I mean, I don't really want to replace every streaming stick I've got with a streambar, but it's pretty annoying when you can't find the remote, and you know that your streaming sticks are on the same network as your phone, but you can't use the app as a remote 90% of the time. But the streambar's connectivity is OFF THE CHARTS!

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