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Reel Rookie

App won’t stay connected after iPhone upgrade**FIXED**

Ok. I know this has been posted before but I’ve tried everything I’ve seen in other posts. 

let’s start from the beginning… I had an iPhone XS for years. App worked fine. My wife and daughter both had androids. Both worked fine. 

then we swapped to AT&T and had to download new apps. I got a iPhone 14 pro max. The wife got iPhone 14 plus, and my daughter stayed with android and got a s23. 

none of the 3 phones apps will work on any of our 3 Roku devices. One little box and two Roku TVs. As I said both worked fine before we upgraded phones. 

when we had cricket I just would connect the phones to the tv and it worked absolutely fine. When I got home after swapping providers, none of the 3 phones (two iOS devices and one android) would connect to the Roku devices. I ended up having to go into settings and getting the IP of the devices then manually adding them to the phones. This stays connected maybe a day. I’ll try to connect to the already on tv and it tells me the device is asleep. Even though it’s on and working. 

I have verified the devices (TVs and phones) are on the same network. It won’t work when connected to the 2.4 or 5g networks.  

I have tried “check connection.” I have tried “reboot device.” Neither work. 

the absolute only way that I can make any of the devices work on the apps is to manually delete the connection from the phone and add it back in manually via IP settings. And this stays connected for no more than a day. 

nothing has happened to my original remote. The main reason I’m using the app is because I use the private listening when I get home super late at night after work and my wife and daughter are asleep. It’s imperative the private listening works. It’s the sole reason I bought a Roku tv over a LG Smart TV. 

it worked before. It isn’t an android or iOS issue since both worked prior to upgrading our phones and now none work. 

I need some help please

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Reel Rookie

Re: App won’t stay connected after iPhone upgrade

If anyone else has this problem on iOS, go into Wi-Fi settings and turn off “Private Wi-Fi address” this will fix the issue

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