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Roku streaming stick is misbehaving

I have a Roku Streaming StickPlus attached to an HDMI port on my LG TV. Up until about a month ago it has functioned flawlessly. Lately, however, after a few hours of viewing through the device the signal seems to scramble. Information on the screen for all my apps is unreadable and the only way to recover is to reset the stick. What is happening? Is the device showing its age? Am I gong to need a new device? 

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Re: Roku streaming stick is misbehaving

If your sig is correct that you have the 3600 Stick, just be aware that device is over eight years old, and it's possible that something internal is failing. Yes, the device is showing its age. It's also possible/likely that since it's only happened after some use the device is overheating. Roku Sticks generally run warmer than the other players, and being connected directly to the TV's HDMI port means it rarely gets very much air flow in that position. 

You could try using an HDMI extender cable to move the Stick further away from the TV for better cooling, or you could just decide to replace your Roku and upgrade to a Express 4K+ or Streaming Stick 4K+. Currently the Express 4K+ (don't even consider the basic Express) is $30 and the Stick 4K+ is $35. The biggest difference between the two is the Stick 4K+ supports Dolby Vision and has better WiFi than the Express 4K+. They both support 4K and HDR10, and the Express 4K+ supports using an optional USB Ethernet adapter, in case you want to connect to a wired network. 


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Re: Roku streaming stick is misbehaving

@Newuser3501One of the best troubleshooting techniques is using a network app like WiFi Analyzer for Android or something from the App Store if iPhone. I mention this since the both remote and Roku rely on a stable WiFi connection. Once the app is installed, you'll see all the WiFi channels being used by neighbors and if you're using the channel others use, log into the router and select one that's less congested. Personally, I use a Power Line network adapter that allows use of Ethernet which is NOT subjected to WiFi congestion. Hope that helps

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