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Where is Roku Audience Network Reporting?

I've recently submitted a channel to Roku which has been approved and is monetizing ad units strictly with the Roku Audience Network (not using 3rd party ad tags). After the channel went live in the store, it stopped showing test ads and started showing live ads. Which is great. Problem is... I can't find any kind of reporting on the ad impressions or revenue.

The only thing I've found is an old Roku blog post (source code) here instructing to email a request to '' but I've tried several times and never got a response. 

Can someone point me in the direction of where I can see this? I know this is probably a dumb question but I can't find the answer anywhere.

Thanks in advance.

[EDITED by RokuTomC: Updated the legacy "" email to ""]
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Roku Guru

Re: Where is Roku Audience Network Reporting?

I sent you a PM
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Channel Surfer

Re: Where is Roku Audience Network Reporting?

You can contact Karl Andersson at with your information and he will be able to set up a report for you.  He is very good at responding to emails and you should hear back from him within 1 - 3 business days.

A little bit more information on RAF ads:

Currently there is no dashboard to see ad performance on the Roku website, but Karl can set you up to receive automatic reports to your email. Just let him know how often you would like to receive these reports (daily, weekly, monthly, etc).
The minimum threshold to receive payout is $100, quarterly. 

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Streaming Star

Re: Where is Roku Audience Network Reporting?

If you would like to receive weekly revenue sharing reports, please fill out our Partner Help webform here and select any value under the Advertising section in the "Topic" dropdown field. Be sure to include your request in the Question field as well. From there, our Ad Operations team will set you up with the weekly reports. 
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