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High Level Industry Data

I just saw on Roku that "In the first half of 2017, Roku customers streamed nearly 7 billion hours of video and music. That's up 61 percent over the same period from the prior year. "Wow!
I'm wondering:  Is there any way to find out how many of those hours were streamed by "the big guys", versus every one else?  Netflix, Amazon, MLB Advanced Media and so on have dedicated teams to develop channels on Roku and every other platform imaginable.  But of the 4,500+ channels, most of them need a 3rd party, such us all of us here!  --- Long story short:  What's the market size look like?  Would it be fair to say that of the 14 billion hours that will be streamed this year, 90% will be streamed by "the big guys", leaving 1.4 billion for small to medium sized publishers? 

Also, what is a good source to find trustworthy data about the television / media streaming industry?  Thanks!
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