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Use RDP to create custom (for sale) screensaver?

Hello I have created a few streaming channels with RDP and would like to do a paid screensaver. I can't seem to find any info on if this is possible (vs. SDK/coding) and when I search the forums it just brings up user issues with their paid/free screensavers!

# 1 is it possible to create a custom, for-sale, screensaver using RDP and get it in the screensaver search on Roku?

# 2 Is there available documentation to do this?

# 3 If not possible with RDP, is it super hard to custom code one? I have limited coding knowledge but was able to figure out the RDP method in a day and crank out three channels that same week... 


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Use RDP to create custom (for sale) screensaver?

Screensavers are not possible, and paid is not possible with DP. As for custom coding/SDK?   I did a basic grid channel, it was 'fairly' moderate to do (limited coding abilities), but I'm not sure about screensavers. I wouldn't think all that hard, however if you're looking for 'paid', then yes it'll get complex. Payment API, multiple nodes etc.

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Re: Use RDP to create custom (for sale) screensaver?

When it comes to Roku screensavers keep in mind the following:

- There is no user interaction
- You cannot use videos
- It's somewhat buggy

OTTfeed: Lease a custom Roku SDK for $99/month go to
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