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Unable to download from feedUrl.

I keep getting this message on the Feed URL Status when trying to upload my channel to Roku.  Here is the json file:

I am using Vimeo Pro for my hosting.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks for your help.
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Re: Unable to download from feedUrl.

What is the message you keep getting?
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Re: Unable to download from feedUrl.

I see what your error is.  If you check your webserver logs you will find a bunch of 406 errros.  Web servers expect a useragent and other header info to be passed from the web client when a request is made. The Roku servers use http as a transport but don't pass the all header info so the server becomes suspicious and doesn't send.

Your URL can't be HTTPS either.

You may need to disable ModSecurity in your Apache setup on your WebHost to get past the errors. The following thread discusses all of these issues a little more clearly.[/url:2jm21wy1]
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