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Unable to download from feedUrl. 406 Not Acceptable... Roku Client IP?

I have been trying to solve this for nearly 2 weeks. Please assist where available...

The issue relates to an Apache Module MOD_Security hit on our feed file. I have been told that

"(The MOD_Security) block commonly known exploits by use of regular expressions and rule sets and is enabled on all servers by default." 

Somewhere, something changed though as my feed will not publish. This is a new issue as the published file was up and unchanged since May of this year. It was ingested, published and accessible for nearly 3 months. However at some point in the last 3-5 weeks, something was updated (with Roku or my Host, not certain) and it caused the feed to stop being ingested corectly.

How do I locate the IP address of the ROku Client so that we can whitelist the IP for the security to eliminate that as a reason for the 406 Not Acceptabel error.

When the host company indicated it was a MOD_Security hit, they said to asssit in correcting it, they are asking for the IP of the Roku Client. However, I have NO IDEA how to track that down. Below is a SS of the error I am getting for the feed. I have this error on both the Publish and Preview feed. I have redacted the string for the feed in the image because we are trying to isolate any IPs that access the file to hopefully allow us to whitelist them.


I would like to note, that the JSON feed has been simplified to a single video for this preview to make certain this isn't a syntax issue. I'm pretty sure it is security on the host, and not the file, but this is part of the troubleshooting.

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Re: Unable to download from feedUrl. 406 Not Acceptable... Roku Client IP?

I think your feed url is not returning a proper header, his might help:

Also, If you are looking for a robust solution to manage your content feed, then check out our platform, it will save you a lot of time and frustration managing and debugging your feed.

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