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Reel Rookie

My channel still looks old 2013

Is there an update for my channel to look like the other channels on the menu? We still have the splash page, then several windows aligned to the right.

Destiny TV (subscription) and My Destiny TV are the two channels we developed in 2013...

Dr Michael Lee

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Roku Guru

Re: My channel still looks old 2013

If it was developed in 2013 it was likely hand coded (Brightscript)?  In order to 'update it' I don't know that there's much of a way other than recoding it altogether. Maybe if it wasn't that long ago you could have minor tweaks here & there, but things are likely outdated, non-copatible etc and it'd be better/faster/cheaper to start from scratch. Think of it like an outdated website from years ago.

There's a separate section, for the 'Developers' area. Otherwise, you could consider switching to this section, Direct Publisher. It's kinda like Wordpress or a Shopify site, a little more pre-built and easier to build. Still requires a bit of coding knowledge & ability, some of us on the forum are willing to assist to an extent. Start to finish shouldn't take more than maybe 2 weeks, doing it solo and kinda part time, although, depends how many videos you have, it's tedious but repetition.

If you had your site built using a 3rd party software, you'd likely need to reach out to them to see about updating versus rebuild. Generally speaking discussion and troubleshooting/Tech Support really isn't to be discussed on this site.

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