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Roku Guru

My Vimeo Channel Is Back Up

Since there have been duplicate threads about the Vimeo hosted channels issue, I figured I'd draft a new post alerting people that the issue seems to be resolved, if you wanna go check your channels on Roku. I haven't needed to submit a new url or json feed, but if anyone needs to please post if it ingests ok. For what its worth alot of us received the following email yesterday from Roku Partner Success:


Vimeo believes to have found the issue to the Direct Publisher feed error issues. In fact, we're already seeing many feeds successfully ingesting for previously-published channels. Feel free to check on-device and in the Developer Dashboard (under Feed Status) to see if your content is appearing successfully. 

We will update you once Vimeo has officially confirmed the fix on their end. We hope to do so in the next day or two. 

Thank you for your continued patience as we work with Vimeo to resolve these feed errors

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Roku Guru

Re: My Vimeo Channel Is Back Up

Back up again.

FWIW last time I didn't have to do anything. It just appeared back (I recv'd an email informing me it should be back up from partner success. This time, I didn't hear anything yet, however another member of the forums re-submitted a feed and their channel did go thru.  Fearing putting my channel into the back of some 'fix it' queue, I threw caution to the wind & resubmitted mine. Viola, all urls did ingest & it took an 'Update Channel' to see the videos for me, although I think casual users would have it auto update every 6 hours or so.

Anyway, if you still had a Vimeo outage you may want to do some diagnostics, of either updating your channel or submitting a new feed url.

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