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Reel Rookie

why wont tags populate?

I'm posting this as a complete json file.. it will only have 1 live channel.. 

It is injesting.. it will not populate the categories tag selector in order to create the category..

However when I go into the channel and search for one of the two tags it shows up in the search.. 

So when I click on manage my channels, select this chanel, then select categories, then select tags, it shows NO TAGS.. 

I am at my wits end with this.. 

	"providerName": "G1NBC",
	"lastUpdated": "2015-12-03T11:44:28+00:00",
	"language": "en",

	"liveFeeds": [

			"id": "G1NBC",
			"title": "G1NBC",

				"dateAdded": "2020-1-11T22:21:37+00:00",
				"videos": [{
					"url": "https://www.........h1.m3u8",
					"quality": "SD",
					"videoType": "HLS"
				"tags": ["247 streaming",
				"adBreaks": ["00:15:00", "00:30:00"],
				"language": "en",
				"thumbnail": "",
				"brandedThumbnail": "",
				"shortDescription": "Your Local Hometown for SHOWS NEWS SPORTS NETEX",
				"longDescription": "G1NBC is a multi-platform company with brands in Broadcasting, Internet and Publishing"


there is the json file.. 

It is intentional to only include the 1 live feed and is complete.. 

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Reel Rookie

Re: why wont tags populate?

Ok, figured it out, had to move the tags to just under the id field now it is importing properly.

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