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Direct Publisher Ad Revenue?


Our Direct Publisher channel has been live since February. Where can we see how much ad revenue we’ve generated via ads that appear on our channel? I see a transactions area within “My Developer Info” but no transactions appear. That said, ads do appear on our channel, so I can confirm they are being served. We are just not being paid a rev split. We have a Paypal account submitted for payments, we submitted all our business documentation, etc.

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Re: Direct Publisher Ad Revenue?

I've been thinking of compiling an all-inclusive post and asking they make it a sticky.  To answer your question you can email: and include your channel name and email address for the account. Please ask to receive reporting and let them know if you'd like daily/weekly/monthly reports. It will show you total ad impressions for the period, unfortunately it won't give exact $ amounts. You can gauge from the impressions ($14 per 1000) an estimate, then factor in the 60/40 split. I believe payment is paid out on a quarterly basis and pays 1 quarter behind (So Q1 will pay out sometime after June 30th). This is what I heard, although maybe that is only for the first month. The payout has to be over $100, otherwise I suppose it's retained until the payout period when it reaches $100.

For those looking to signup for RAF please email and include your channel name and email address on the account and your paypal email address. If you wish to save a step you can probably include a W9 in your email because that's essentially all they need.

RAF is only available to US only channels. I believe only 1 ad is shown per break.

[EDITED by RokuTomC: Updated the legacy "" email to ""]
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Re: Direct Publisher Ad Revenue?

Thanks so much for your reply. Very much appreciated it!
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