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Audio Plays but Video Doesn't On My Test Channel

I have created a channel as a Direct Publisher. My channel set-up is complete and I generated and uploaded the feed url using the Instant TV site. When I loaded the channel onto the Roku device and brought it up on my HD-TV (and clicked on one of the movies or tv shows that's on the Channel), I can hear the audio of the entire program but I do not see the video!! Can someone please help as to what can be the problem? I have re-uploaded and refreshed the feed url and the channel set up as well as performed the Roku system update over and over again, but the video still is not seen! I only hear the audio of each program!! Please help!!
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Re: Audio Plays but Video Doesn't On My Test Channel

Does the video play if you load its url in a browser?
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Re: Audio Plays but Video Doesn't On My Test Channel

Ggirl -

If you email me at "" I can probably help you out. Please include the problem stream URL. Without being able to test your stream, my best guess is that there's something amiss with the video encoding that is confusing the Roku device. Off the top of my head I cannot think of any settings in the Direct Publisher mode of Instant TV Channel that would keep the audio but drop out the video. - 717-441-4386 - Build a Roku SDK channel in 15 minutes! - Easy Direct Publisher to SDK upgrades!
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