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roVideoPlayer event type 0

I'm trying to diagnose why roVideoPlayer seems to be stalling while first starting to play a remote file (I suspect range request problems), but I also noticed I'm getting an event that doesn't seem to be documented:

Status: startup progress, Index: 0 ( 8ms)
Status: startup progress, Index: 66 ( 28ms)
Status: startup progress, Index: 132 ( 8053ms)
Unknown message received:
roVideoPlayerEvent, type: 0, msg:, index: 0
Status: startup progress, Index: 198 ( 8086ms)
Status: startup progress, Index: 264 ( 8092ms)
Status: startup progress, Index: 330 ( 8097ms)
Status: startup progress, Index: 330 ( 9202ms)

The code displaying this looks like this:

' Chaining if up here
elseif msg <> invalid
print "Unknown message received: "
print type(msg);", type:";msg.getType();", msg:";msg.getMessage();", index:";msg.getIndex()
end if

It sure looks like that message is related to some timeout or problem encountered with the stream. I would LOVE to know what it means.
-- GandK Labs
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Re: roVideoPlayer event type 0

msg type 0 is "ListItemSelected" index 0 indicates the first item is selected.

However, the roVideoPlayerEvent is not supposed to have this msg type.... I'd be curious how you got that.

Do you have a public link that I can point to and create this problem?

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