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login help!

Hey guys!

i need a huge help,i just cant figure out how to do this Smiley Sad

ok so my problem : i need a login on xml which a user should be logged into my site ..

let me explain ....i'm developing a channel on video player as its xml ,i would like to have a xml login where my users can use there existing site logins ....the site has mysql database we have php login on site .....and i'm curious if the roku supports php ?
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Re: login help!

It's not a matter of roku supporting php. If the web server supports php, then roku can call a php script. I call php scripts from my channel. It returns text as I have it programmed to return...

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Level 7

Re: login help!

As YungBlood stated, PHP is a server side technology. The Roku can theoretically act like a regular HTTP client in all aspects, so as long as your site supports normal logins through HTTP/HTML, the Roku could be coded to use that. By HTTP/HTML, I mean core HTTP or HTML, not Javascript, Flash or any other extending technology.

Then again, the recommended way to do this is through linking the player to an account. You can find a few examples in the example code shipped with the SDK .

P.S. The Roku cannot display the webpage, as it has no HTML rendering engine. It can parse the raw HTML and take appropriate action though.
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