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Level 11

Re: What's a "No Lanyard"?

"beq" wrote:
... have a lanyard requirement flag for game devs. But I think you said this flag has been deprecated?

Not deprecated - more like hidden behind the scenes.
The flags i inquired about in this thread were available for a while to developers, with no explanation - but seems the Co. have withdrawn them to the back end now. Not all channel properties can be edited (or even seen) directly by the developer - and in the case of this "lanyard" flag they probably felt developer's sound judgement cannot be trusted (i.e. imagine i had created a "Darts" game based on hurling the remote and it were my belief that no lanyard is needed to restrain the motion)
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Level 10

Re: What's a "No Lanyard"?

Oh OK, so the lanyard requirement is hidden again, and I assume it defaults to OFF for all future games? Or will Roku Co make their own determination on a per-submission basis whether they will turn it on? Or perhaps they'll only turn it on for any game dev that makes that request manually?
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