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What sets the display's HDR mode?

I'm trying to debug this issue on an open source Roku channel for the open source media player Jellyfin. The problem is that the when playing HDR video (specifically Dolby Vision profile 5), the Roku is not changing the HDMI video format to indicate that its HDR.

Now the same video stream works fine on the Roku Media Player channel, so it's clearly a bug with the Jellyfin channel specifically. I'm guessing that there must be some way to tell the Roku that the video is HDR, but I couldn't find anything in the ContentNode or Content Metadata docs.

The only mention of HDR I could find was in the the reference for a Video Playback Node (downloadedSegment.HdrMode), but it says it's for segmented transports only.

How does the Roku hardware know, or how do I tell it, when the video is HDR?

Thanks in advance!

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