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Binge Watcher

Video Player crash on buffering- no error logs

As of latest Roku software 10.5.3, there are rare cases where a video starts buffering when playback control begins, then Roku device freezes and restarts. I have tried observing these fields of the Video Node:

playStartInfo, licenseStatus, bufferingStatus, state
But the Roku debugger quits before any meaningful logs are given. Any ideas?
This is an issue that is happening for a number of our users.
I have tried a factory reset on my device.
I also tried a device with older Roku software, and there is no video crash.
Binge Watcher

Re: Video Player crash on buffering- no error logs

The crash occurred because for the subtitle config on the video player, one subtitle entry had the end time before the begin time. Still, would be nice if Roku could give a helpful error message, and avoid the crash. 

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