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Level 7

SubtitleTracks on usb

I'm trying to understand how to use SubtitleTracks in roVideoScreen, but haven't quite figured it out yet. So far I'm creating:

o.SubtitleTracks = {
Language: "English"
Description: ""
TrackName: "ext1:/"

I now see options in roVideoScreen for closed captions, however, they are not displaying and it appears that this path is not being used. Instead I'm seeing something like the following in the debug console:

Unknown event type: 35 msg: /tmp/plugin/EHACVBnoXni5/ext1:/

I'm sure I should be able to sideload srt subtitles from a usb drive. Any tips?

Also, how am I to load multiple subtitle tracks (for different languages)?
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Level 10

Re: SubtitleTracks on usb

Try using "file://ext1:/"
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