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HDCP error when testing video via USB capture card

We're creating a custom channel and have found that testing during development is easier using a USB HDMI capture device.  It allows viewing the Roku display in an OBS window without having to dedicate a monitor to it or use a switcher.

When we try and play a video in this configuration, we get a Roku HDCP error screen.  I get it, they want to prevent this for general use.  This raised the following question though....

The content we're putting on our Roku channel is not protected and we have no concern about protecting it.  Is there a way to tell Roku that the videos we're putting out do not require HDCP?  I get needing that for watching movies on Amazon or something, but for our use the videos we are publishing on vimeo and making available in our channel do not require HDCP.

Anyway, just curious if there was a way to disable the HDCP check for our channel and/or something we can do to mark our videos as not requiring this.

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: HDCP error when testing video via USB capture card

Hi @Nerdtron,

Disabling HDCP on a channel is not supported. 

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