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Skewed average video start time

I am contemplating enhancing my channel by automatically playing short 5-10 second segments of top billed shows from the main menu (in a carousel on the top of the page.)

I have noticed in the debug console, that doing so results in VODStartInitiale and VODStartComplete beacons to fire. Since the user did not press any key to request this video to start, and since Roku uses the time of last key before the video according to documentation, I am afraid that this feature will result in excessive delays being uploaded, and polluting the "Average Video Start Time" measurement in my dashboard, swamping out any measurement of the actual experience of users when the click to start playing some content. 


04-26 15:33:04.428 [beacon.signal] |VODStartInitiate ----------> TimeBase(277820 ms)
04-26 15:33:04.429 [beacon.signal] |VODStartComplete ----------> Duration(2333 ms), 831.36 KiP

My question is, is there any way in Brightscript to exclude certain video nodes from the "Average Video Start Time"?

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Level 10

Re: Skewed average video start time


The last keypress that occurred between play events. If there was no prior keypress, the Initiate beacon signal time.


Appears not, unfortunately.

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