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Question about streaming authentication

I am researching developing a channel for a client that already has an established streaming service on the web. They want to offer free and premium streams on Roku.

The premium stream would be for established subscribers and would require the user to enter their subscription credentials, email and password. This would then authenticate with the streaming service.

Is it required that the channel also offer paid subscriptions through Roku Pay? 

I have gone over the authentication flow chart and it is not real clear to me how this use case would be resolved.


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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Question about streaming authentication

Yes, all subscriptions must be handled via Roku Pay and user signup must occur entirely on device, as specified in our certification criteria.

Our documentation on On-Device Authentication will go over how to implement for this common use case.

I'd also recommend reviewing our Roku Pay Best Practices, Sign-up Best Practices, and Sign-in Best Practices, in their entirety.

Hope that helps!

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