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Rokus in the enterprise(School District)

Someone suggested that I try posting this here instead of on the general forum....Here's the original post...

I am working on a project at the school district where I work to update the way we stream morning announcements and how we use projectors to display content. I am trying to think outside the box a little...Here is our current setup...

Every classroom has a Projector mounted to the ceiling that projects on a smartboard. The project picks up the announcement feed via RCA cables that has been converted from Coax. The Coax runs back to central TV studio room where we use a 'tricaster' and that send it out over a box that splits the Coax and I believe does some sort of modulation.

This just feels like an aging way of doing things.

We are looking at changing to using a full version of wirecast at each school and saving all of our content to a private youtube channel. Playing that content via a roku connected to the projector should be simple. However, what I would like to do is live stream morning announcements directly from the TV Studio to the projectors over the internal wired network.

Does this seem feasible with a Roku?
Does anyone know of a School district or large organization doing this already?
Does anyone have experience or advice on live streaming via wirecast to Roku?
This would require a lot of Rokus(1 per classroom), should I be concerned about all that direct wifi chatter interfering with our wireless network?
What else do I need to consider?

I understand this is a Roku forum but would appreciate any pros AND cons to this approach.

Thanks for any help!
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