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Deep Linking field


I am implementing deep linking for a channel. I saw in the documentation ... inaChannel

that I need to add a piece of code to make it work.
The problem is, on the "Partner Guide to Integration into Roku Search" I saw the field should be PlayID, while in the sdkdocs I see the field should be contentID,

Which one should I use?
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Re: Deep Linking field

contentID is the correct value to use for Global Search and Roku home screen ads. If you're not implementing for either one of those, you can use any parameter names you want.
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Level 7

Re: Deep Linking field

Thank you very much for the reply.
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Re: Deep Linking field

If it helps heres a small code snippet of mine, and it works fine for me

Sub RunUserInterface(Args as Dynamic)

...startup code, splash screen, initializing data, tables, arrays, and so on...

if (Args<>Invalid and Args.contentID<>Invalid) ' Probably overkill to do both checks, but works
if Episode<>Invalid ShowVideoScreen(Episode, false)
end if

ShowMovieScreen("Main", "") ' This is my main screen

End Sub
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