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Remoku remote direct entry via web address?

Found the remoku browser remote and it works great.  Is there a way to either enter a favorite or a macro directly into the web browser address bar and have it work?.  That way I  could make a launchable favorite that could be launched from within other programs, without having to actually enter the remoku program and pick an option.
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Re: Remoku remote direct entry via web address?

Yes it is.  I just so happened that I was researching a similar topic and that was one of the things I needed to get my head around.
HERE is the most complete documentation I had found which should save some time and it shows all the the available options you have.  I was having to use a 3rd party app called curl, downloaded from HERE. Then you can use test your controls by simply using a CMD prompt in windows for the HTTP Scripting.  Unless you use linux, as most flavors have the tools available as part of the OS..  Let me know how that works out for you and if you need any more input on your project, I would be happy to try and help.  I have some command line examples you could probably modify for your needs.  Let me know?
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Re: Remoku remote direct entry via web address?

The link to the documentation highlighted in the third line of your post (at displays "Document not found."
Do you have a current working link handy?

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Re: Remoku remote direct entry via web address?

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