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Level 8

Deep Linking Sample

When I download the sample deep linking example here

I have a problem when I use it with search in Eclipse

If I create a new Brightscript projrect with no template and then copy the files component, image, source etc it works fine

but if I create a new Brightscript project with the RSG Grid Screen template (with Add Search Screen) it hangs with  the S Thrree logo  and Search button and the loading logo so obviously the deep linking fails

------ Compiling dev 'FirstApp' ------
01-07 11:33:50.029 [scrpt.ctx.cmpl.time] Compiled 'FirstApp', id 'dev' in 1 milliseconds
01-07 11:33:50.062 [scrpt.proc.mkup.time] Processed markup dev 'FirstApp' in 32 milliseconds
01-07 11:33:50.062 [beacon.signal] |AppCompileComplete --------> Duration(52 ms), 32.62 KiP
01-07 11:33:50.079 [ui.frm.plugin.running.enter] Entering PLUGIN_RUNNING for dev
01-07 11:33:50.080 [beacon.signal] |AppLaunchInitiate ---------> TimeBase(0)
01-07 11:33:51.478 [] UI: Entering 'FirstApp', id 'dev'

------ Running dev 'FirstApp' main ------
args= {"instant_on_run_mode":"foreground","lastExitOrTerminationReason":"EXIT_UNKNOWN","source":"auto-run-dev","splashTime":"1600"}
deeplink= <Component: roInvalid>
[GridScreen] Init
[DetailsScreen] init
[DetailsScreen] onVisibleChange
[Search] Init
[HomeScene] Init


Is there any way to get past this hanging screen I obviously was trying to get this to work with the search button thanks

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