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Level 11

RSG classes relationships Diagram?

Can we see some entity-relationship diagrams or UML class diagrams for the scenography ("SDK2.0")?
Not picky about the format really, does not have to be formal or awfully correct but i think would be of help to see the big picture. To show attributes, operations and relationships in one poster.

A few years back i started something about the "classic" SDK and have i finished it, i could say "diagram like this!". Years later, i was amused to find it pops in the first page of results when googling for terms like "ifDraw2D roXmlList" - and i'm like "wait what? that chart was public? and google crawled it?"  Smiley Tongue 
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Level 11

Re: RSG classes relationships Diagram?

Bump @Roku*.
Am i the only sap who finds diagrams helpful?!
Something like this:
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