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Relationship between manifest file and scenegraph

I'm not a Roku developer but do understand the basics of what's happening with channel creation in scene graph. What I don't understand is how the manifest file relates to the fields that I see in RALE. For example, many of the nodes have similar attributes (like width, scale, rotation, etc.) What links the manifest attributes to a specific node?

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Roku Guru

Re: Relationship between manifest file and scenegraph

Short answer: nothing.

If you take a look at the Manifest documentation you'll see the attributes are mostly used to affect the UI of your channel and its behavior.  It is not directly related to a node object.

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Re: Relationship between manifest file and scenegraph

To understand this we can ta;lk plain english!

You need a battery to start a car, but you need a gererator to charge the battery!

The manifest is like the key code to start the channel, it has some info that is called by some scripts and nodes to build the grid or display!

RALE doesnt need the manifest it needs the nodes! but the nodes may need info from the scripts and manifest!

If one peice of the puzzle is off the channel will not build or display!


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