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Playback Issues with widevine content, after updating to OS 10.5

Hi, after updating my roku device to 10.5 version, before this I was able to play any widevine content, but not anymore. I'm getting this error:

Using this content settings

contentid: "DD9C23B3-6373-44DC-BFDD-F0921D4B4A13"
contenturl: ""
drm: "widevine"
licenseprovider: <Component: roAssociativeArray>
licensetokens: invalid
licenseurl: ""
mediaformat: "dash"

Playback Error: [ errorCode: fffffffa, errorMessage: Protected content license error., contextDescription: {"category":"drm","clipid":0,"dbgmsg":"buffer:loop:/build/work/2ac1d87d0094fce3/os/RokuOS/System/Source/DRM/DrmEngine.cppSmiley Very HappyRM exception: No addon found for widevine","drmerrcode":0,"errcode":1,"ignored":false,"source":"buffer:loop:/build/work/2ac1d87d0094fce3/os/RokuOS/System/Source/DRM/DrmEngine.cpp"} ]

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