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One time payments for screensavers, but static analysis blocks me?

I'm trying to update my screensaver and keep getting this payment code error... This error is pointless and makes no sense in my context.  Why is it that whenever they make a change they always break the static analysis.

Billing usage was specified on the Monetization channel properties page but no billing related BrightScript code was found in your channel.

I do not need billing related code because the Monetization channel contains the following option: 

Customers will pay before installing my channel.
Roku is supposed to be handling my payments, why do I need code to do that?  Also, where's the documentation that suggests I need to add code for Roku to handle one time payments?
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: One time payments for screensavers, but static analysis blocks me?

Hi @rossoneri ,

I'm sorry about the trouble you've run into using Static Analysis for your pay-to-install channel! Our team has identified this bug and plans to deploy it to production on our next sprint. You are correct that pay-to-install channels are not expected to include billing code in their channel because it's all handled by Roku. 

If you have any troubles with a pay-to-install channel being blocked by this Static Analysis rule, please feel free to contact Partner Success at and we can assist with manually bypassing the error. 

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