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Reel Rookie

Channel Behavior Analysis fails with "unknown error"


I'm attempting to upload a new version of our Roku channel.

All of the Channel Behavior Analysis tests are failing with "unknown error."

In the case of the "Channel Launch Performance" test, I'm unable to reproduce the problem using the Roku Remote Tool. When I download the script for the test and run it, the steps complete successfully (with a green 'done' tag).

In the case of deep link tests that fail, if I test the deep links using the "Roku Deep Linking Tester" channel, all of the deep links I've documented for our channel succeed. If I download the scripts from the Channel Behavior Analysis results to run in the remote tool, the test are unable to complete. The last step, wait_for_player_state, gives me a warning:


I've gotten all but one of the tests to pass. The one that failed has a media type of 'season.' The documentation says the following about the season media type:

Launch a content springboard that displays episodes organized by season; highlight the episode mapped to the contentid.

This implies that the episode with the specified content ID should be highlighted, say, within a list of episodes for the specified season. There's no mention of actually playing the episode.

However, the Channel Behavior Analysis script for testing this deep link failed with the following reason:

While watching media player events, nothing was found.

This seems to indicate that the specified episode should be played and not just highlighted.

I'm going to change the behavior so that it plays the episode just so it passes the test, but this is confusing.


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Reel Rookie

Re: Channel Behavior Analysis fails with "unknown error"

"This feature available only in standalone application"

Ok, I understand what that means now. I was running the Roku Remote Tool from the browser. I needed to download the standalone app and run the tests from there.

I will run all of the tests from the standalone version to see what the results are.

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