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Reel Rookie

On-device upgrade and downgrade

I am facing one issue while publishing my app. My app has IAP feature and I am having only one package for subscription. Since I don't have multiple packages, I haven't implemented the upgrades and downgrades of plans. Because of that I am blocked from publishing. How to overcome this? Please share your thoughts and help me. Is there any way to publish without on-device upgrade and downgrade?
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Roku Guru

Re: On-device upgrade and downgrade

I was seeing this error as well my channel has only a single one time purchase.  I had to write Roku partner success to have them manually publish.  since you have a subscription you may still need up/downgrade. this may help

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: On-device upgrade and downgrade

Hi @Raja,

What's your channel ID? And what's the exact error message you are seeing when trying to schedule your channel for publishing? 

Obviously, on-device upgrade/downgrade is only possible if your channel has two or more channel products. 

So please contact Partner Success with this issue and they'll work with you:



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