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OTT analytics sources?

Hello all, first post here (but have been enlightened reading many of the others!)

I'm developing an OTT app/channel (actually considering a few) and am having a general lack of success attempting to find some data on OTT apps analytics. Specifically I'm trying to find data on which channels are viewed most often and by whom. I understand that each channel/app has proprietary information regarding revenue and such, but am trying to get a general sense of the landscape--what works and what doesn't.

Any sources or info you can provide would be most appreciated. Thanks
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Re: OTT analytics sources?

I has not been too long ago when we posted a blog post about this topic, so feel free to check it & eventually share it – if you find it helpful. ... tools-101/

In case you need to know much more than that, do not hesitate to contact us.


Martin from Mautilus
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